Eternals (2021 Film) Review

Eternals MCU movie poster

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been incredibly ambitious since its origin back in 2008. But the Eternals seemed to be one of the most epic sounding films they’ve ever done. Which is interesting since most people probably never head of the Eternals from Marvel comics. When the film was released, it met with poor critical acclaim. But were the critics wrong?

Richard Madden Eternals MCU

The Eternals are godlike beings who arrived to Earth since the civilization known as Mesopotamia. They have protected mankind from a race of aliens known as the Deviants for thousands of years. But during the 16th century, they killed the last ones.

Kit Harrington Eternals MCU

All the Eternals go somewhat separate ways. But centuries later, new Deviants will bring the team back together again. But tragedy will strike and a new Deviant seems to steal powers from a fallen Eternal. Which proves to be a very dangerous situation.

Thena and Gilgamesh Eternals MCU

The team isn’t the same as they used to be. Some have become de facto pacifists, some hated the way the team operated, and some like Thena don’t have complete control over their mental sanity. Bad news is that the world could end in less than a week if they fail.

Arishem Eternals MCU

I was honestly expecting Eternals to underwhelm me, but it’s actually pretty good. If you’re not into comic book heroes, I would expect this to be a very confusing movie, but I enjoyed it. They do have difficulty juggling the characters and plot, but I was very intrigued to know what happens after the movie ended.

Score: B

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