About Time (2013 Film) Review

About Time movie poster

I had heard about About Time awhile back, but the only reason I noticed it was because of Rachel McAdams. Ever since The Notebook, she’s been Hollywood’s person to place in romantic movies. I also noticed that Rachel McAdams also played the wife of another time traveler in The Time Traveler’s Wife.

Tim Lake About Time movie

The story is more about the eventual husband, Tim Lake. His father tells him when he turns 21 that all the males in his family can travel back in time. The rules is that they can only travel back to moments they lived in the past, so he can’t rub elbows with Napoleon Bonaparte or Queen Victoria. He also won’t run into his past self as he basically appears as he was on that day.

Rachel McAdams About Time movie

This gives Tim the power to change anything he does. He falls in love with a girl named Mary through a blind-date. He later changes history to help out a friend, not realizing that it changed the day he met Mary. So he has to find her and make her fall in love with him from square one.

About Time movie

I actually liked About Time more than I thought I would. It’s not purely a romantic drama, as the father-son bond is also a major plot point. I’m also glad it’s very much different (and more happier) than The Time Traveler’s Wife. It was a bit boring at times, but I thought it was a good story for the most part.

Score: B

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