The Matrix Resurrections (2021 Film) Review

The Matrix Resurrections movie poster Lana Wachowski

Back in 1999, The Matrix revolutionized the film industry and many things across all forms of media changed. I got into the series much later on, and I did enjoy the films, but I didn’t quite love them. Many fans were upset with the quality of the second and third movie. But now the series has a new shot with this reboot of sorts.

Neo taking the blue pill The Matrix Resurrections Keanu Reeves

The story starts with Thomas Anderson living his life as a video game designer of The Matrix games. He has been known for several instances of mental instability. As he can’t really tell if the Neo of his game is really his life before. All logical signs point to “no” but something in his heart points otherwise.

Trinity disguised as Tiffany The Matrix Resurrections Carrie-Anne Moss

Thomas Anderson and his friend have drinks one day in a coffee house. His friend notices a “hot mom” and encourages Thomas Anderson to ask her out. Turns out she’s a married woman named Tiffany. Even Thomas Anderson is spooked that she looks like Trinity from his games.

Bugs transporting Neo through mirror The Matrix Resurrections Jessica Henwick

And before Thomas Anderson knows it, all of reality starts to flip upside down. People who claim to know that he is Neo appear before him and beg for his assistance. He really can’t figure out if he really is Neo or if he’s just absolutely insane.

Morpheus holding the red pill The Matrix Resurrections Yahya Abdul-Mateen II

The Matrix Resurrections isn’t the perfect sequel or reboot. It does a lot of things in terms of logic and story that I had a problem with in regards to the last two movies. The first one is still definitely the best. Resurrections is about as good as the third. It’s a decent movie but I can definitely see why Lily Wachowski didn’t want to co-direct this one.

Score: B-

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  1. Thanks for your honest review!


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