Things I Hate: The Guru (2002 Film)

The Guru 2002 movie poster

I remembering seeing ads on TV when this movie came out, but never got a chance to watch it for a long time.

The guru 2002 movie

It’s about a young man from India who goes to America to star in movies. But he learns the hard way, and ends up getting crappy jobs, and ended up in a movie he walked out on.

Marisa Tomei The Guru movie 2002

The one thing the movie does well is the style of Indian dancing and music. I loved these scenes.

The Guru 2002 movie

However the main story of the movie feels a bit shallow and almost stupid. Most of the characters don’t have a deep personality and seem a bit inhuman. It does throw a decent joke here and there, but frankly the pace of the movie is too slow to really recommend it to anybody.

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