Things I Like: A Clockwork Orange (1971 Film)

A Clockwork Orange 1971 film movie poster

I’ve heard lots of things about this movie, and didn’t know what on earth to expect. It truly is an epic movie with such an imagination and original characters and ideas.

Alex and his friends A Clockwork Orange

The story is about Alex DeLarge, who is a young hoodlum set on rampaging the British streets at night.

Alex betraying his friends A Clockwork Orange

He doesn’t even care about his own guys. Only his own brand of fun and Ludwig Van Beethoven.

Brainwash scene A Clockwork Orange

But Alex doesn’t just go through psychotic criminal rampages all day. He gets arrested, and then you see him go through “reform”. The film is cut into 3 pieces so to speak, and all different with each being as good as the one before it.

Malcolm McDowell A Clockwork Orange

It’s not for the easily offended by I quite enjoyed it.

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