Things I Like: The Terminator (1984 Film)

The Terminator 1984 movie poster

Took me many years to see this movie. I was so late to the bandwagon I couldn’t believe it. The James Cameron original film is a classic, and perfect for any fan of action movies.

Kyle Reese The Terminator 1984 movie

My favorite character was Kyle Reese. Loyal, selfless, yet flawed. He came from a world where humans are oppressed and enslaved.

Kyle Reese warns cops about Skynet The Terminator 1984 movie

One of my favorite scenes is when he’s being interrogated by the police, and tells them about Skynet wiping out most of the human population.

Sarah Connor The Terminator 1984 movie

I liked Sarah Connor in this film more than the 2nd since she is more normal and struggles to keep hold on reality when her whole world flips upside down.

Arnold Schwarzenegger The Terminator 1984 movie

And of course The Terminator. He just won’t die. Ever.

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