Star Trek (2009 Film) Review

Star Trek 2009 movie poster JJ Abrams

Though I know a good number of things about the original Star Trek show, I never really watched it nor any of the movies either. I also ignored The Next Generation and other sequel series. But the 2009 film simply called Star Trek begins the story anew, and after hearing about its sequel Into Darkness I was intrigued.

Chris Pine Star Trek 2009 movie

The story starts off with James T. Kirk’s father George aboard the USS Kelvin in space. The ship is attacked by Nero and his Romulan space-craft. They request to see their captain Robau to negotiate a truce but he is killed when Nero doesn’t get what he seeks. George Kirk becomes Captain but not for long as he crashes The USS Kelvin to save the crew, his wife, and his son who is born during the battle. Which leaves James Kirk fatherless, and growing up in a rather bitter childhood. He is eventually persuaded to join the Starfleet Federation.

Star Trek 2009 movie Chris Pine

However as Kirk starts to rise as a officer, he eventually learns that Nero is from the future. His arrival created an alternate universe where everyone’s lives have changed drastically. For example in the original time-line, Kirk was raised by his father, and was born in Riverside, Iowa not space. He learns that Nero seeks revenge upon Spock but also planet Vulcan and all other planets in the Federation. After their Captain is taken by Nero’s forces, Kirk gains control of the USS Enterprise to stop Nero at all costs.

Zoe Saldana Zachary Quinto Star Trek 2009 movie

Overall I thought the 2009 Star Trek was a fantastic movie. I liked how the new alternate universe gave the story more freedom, and it has plenty of surprises. Even though he doesn’t look much like the original Kirk, I thought Chris Pine did a great job along with Zachary Quinto as Spock and Zoe Saldana as Nyota Uhura.

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