Salt (2010 Film) Review

Salt 2010 movie poster

While I had no idea Salt was even a movie back in 2010, I have noticed it very recently. I wasn’t too sure what it was even about. Though I also realized this is (I think) the first movie with Angelina Jolie that I’ve ever seen.

Salt 2010 movie

The story begins with agent Evelyn Salt and her colleagues questioning a Russian man named Orlov. He tells them something unbelievable, and doesn’t make much logical sense on paper. Though if it were true, it could cause more than enough international drama for both the United States and Russia. Things get serious as he says Evelyn Salt is not really American, but Russian.

Liev Schreiber Salt 2010 movie

Evelyn’s life turns upside down as her husband goes missing, and the trust she had with her colleagues has been shattered. In an effort to find her husband, she flees though her former co-workers now aren’t sure if she’s friend or foe. Though they are determined to find out the truth.

Angelina Jolie Salt 2010 movie

Overall Salt was a decent action-thriller, but nothing terribly special. I admit Angelina Jolie was pretty cool as Evelyn Salt, however the plot is overly complicated, confusing, and some things make little sense. I also guessed the real villain, making it fairly predictable as well.

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