Things I Like: Alpha and Omega (2010 Film)

Alpha and Omega 2010 movie poster

I saw this many years ago while visiting my nephews.

Alpha and Omega 2010 movie

The movie starts out with the Omega wolf Humphrey and his friend Kate who is an Alpha wolf. While he adores Kate, he knows that because of the wolf social-class that they will always be friends. They live a relatively peaceful life, but the wolves on the eastern side are causing trouble. The leader of the eastern wolves asks Kate’s father (who is the leader of the western wolves) for Kate to marry his son so they can unite the wolves and end the conflict.

Yellow duck Alpha and Omega 2010 movie

However right before Kate is to be married, humans relocate Kate and her omega friend to a state park in Idaho. While they have nothing to complain about in their new home, they are determined to travel back to Canada. If Kate doesn’t return to marry her fiance, then a bitter war between the wolves could happen.

Humphry and Kate Alpha and Omega 2010 movie

Overall Alpha and Omega was a lot better than I expected. While it isn’t comedic genius nor does it have a incredible story; I would say it was an enjoyable film. Though I wouldn’t be very interested in seeing the sequel, and it doesn’t hold a candle to Pixar.

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