Things I Hate: Into the Woods (2014 Film)

Into the Woods 2014 movie poster

I had heard of Into the Woods sometime in 2014 or maybe in 2013. It looked interesting, but not enough for me to see it theaters. I noticed it because it features a tale of fable characters meeting together in an original story, like one of my favorite TV shows Once Upon a Time. The only difference is that Once Upon a Time isn’t bad.

James Corden Emily Blunt Into the Woods 2014 movie

The main characters of the story of the many characters is The Baker and his wife. One day a witch bursts into their house and tells them that their marriage will never see children as she cursed their family because of the Baker’s father many years before. She offers them the chance to break the curse, but it will require many different and unique items for them to find.

Rapunzel long hair Into the Woods 2014 movie mackenzie mauzy

Which will have them interact with other famous characters. There’s Jack who will soon climb a beanstalk. The famous Cinderella who will find her prince. There’s also Red Riding Hood who travels to see her grandmother. Another is Rapunzel who waits in the castle for her beloved prince.

Anna Kendrick as Cinderella Into the Woods 2014 movie

Into the Woods apparently did better with critics than I expected, but I think this was way more boring than it should have been. Especially considering it was based on a popular play from what I hear. There was too many characters/stories and the musical songs started to get on my nerves. The overall story was rather mundane, and by the end I lost a lot of my interest for the characters.

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  1. Musings says:

    I didn’t much care for this movie either.


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