Things I Like: The English Patient (1996 Film)

The English Patient 1996 movie poster

I had heard about The English Patient rather recently, but it wasn’t until the other day that I heard it won the Oscar for Best Picture for the year of 1996. But to be honest, that wasn’t the reason I wanted to see it. The reason was that Ralph Fiennes was in the leading role, and while you might not recognize him, you know him better as Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter movies. The English Patient was also based on a novel of the same name.

The English Patient 1996 movie

The film is set during the last days of World War II. A nurse named Hana looks after a man who had been severely burned after his airplane was taken down by German forces. The man can’t seem to remember anything, but slowly Hana does learn about his past.

Ralph Fiennes The English Patient 1996 movie

Before his accident, he was Count Laszlo Almasy who was part of a team that studied the Sahara Desert in geographical studies. Almasy falls in love with his colleague Katherine Clifton. However Katherine is actually married to his other colleague Geoffrey. Which in turn causes a lot drama with jealousy and guilt affecting their lives. The war that happens shortly after doesn’t help matters either.

The English Patient 1996 movie Ralph Fiennes

Overall while I don’t think it was good enough to win the Oscar back in the 90’s, I still think it was pretty well-done. I also did enjoy the love story between Almasy and Katherine even if I didn’t like how it ended. While it doesn’t really hurt the film, I do find it odd that the author of the original book based the protagonist on a real guy named Count Laszlo Almasy. Except the Almasy in reality was almost nothing like his fictional counterpart.

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One thought on “Things I Like: The English Patient (1996 Film)

  1. I think “The English Patient” is misunderstood. Everyone raves over the tragic romance of Almasy and Katherine, but it was a selfish romance that wreaked destruction all around them on others’ lives and their own. The romance of Hanna and Kip (by contrast) is the unselfish, healthy relationship although it breaks all sorts of taboos of the time like being inter-racial.


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