Things I Like: Good Morning Vietnam (1987 Film)

Good Morning Vietnam 1987 movie poster

The passing of actor Robin Williams has got me interested in seeing some films I had either neither seen or heard of. Good Morning, Vietnam was one of those movies. Williams did quite well with the movie back in 1987, he even was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actor. It’s also based on a real story.

Robin Williams Good Morning Vietnam 1987 movie

Williams plays Adrian Cronauer, an Air Force airman who was well-known for his comedy as a DJ in his service in Crete. He’s sent to Vietnam to do a radio show for the soldiers in the country. While he’s hilarious, his two main superiors can’t stand him. Cronauer also uses almost every opportunity to break the rules.

Vietnamese woman Trinh Good Morning Vietnam 1987 movie Robin Williams

In his free-time, Adrian falls in love at first sight with a South Vietnamese woman named Trinh. However she ignores him at first, but he volunteers to teach an English class she attends just to spend more time with her. He befriends her brother, who helps Adrian get a real date with Trinh.

Good Morning Vietnam 1987 movie Robin Williams Vietnam War

Overall Good Morning, Vietnam is a fantastic film, and one of William’s best roles. I hear a lot of William’s jokes were improvised for the movie, and all them are hysterical. I assume the movie version of Cronauer’s is much different than reality’s, but I really felt a bit bitter about how it ended.

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