Things I Like: Minions (2015 Film)

Minions 2015 movie poster

I saw this years ago in theaters.

Hitchhiking to Orlando Minions 2015 movie

The story begins with the minions’ origin. They evolved millions of years ago from yellow single-cell organisms to the animals they are today. No matter the time, they have always wanted to be the underlings for a terrible being. Keeping a master proved to be difficult, so a minion named Kevin leads two others to a quest to find a new leader. Which leads them to Orlando, Florida for a convention of evil.

Scarlett overkill Minions 2015 movie

There they get to become the three favorite choices for the super villain Scarlet Overkill. She asks the minions to enter the Tower of London, and take the Queen’s crown. If they succeed, then every minion can serve Scarlet. If they fail, their yellow colleagues might never see them again.

Bob with teddy bear Minions 2015 movie

I can say that Minions was disappointing but I did like it. I never realized how much the minions needed Gru and his daughters to make a better story. It’s somewhat like Joey Tribbiani on the show Friends when he got his own show about him. One of the best and funniest characters, but without the rest of the cast it doesn’t hold a candle to the past. You can’t miss it if you enjoyed the first two movies, but it could have been so much more.

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