Fun Fact: Origin of the Phrase Balls To The Wall

Fun facts about airplanes

The phrase “Balls to the wall” refers to aviation. There would be plungers and levers with ball shaped handles. Thus the phrase refers to using all the devices to their maximum settings.

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2 thoughts on “Fun Fact: Origin of the Phrase Balls To The Wall

  1. I never knew. I’d heard of pedal to the metal. Do you know what SNAFU stands for? A Korean Era veteran told me; it’s a military term: Situation Normal, All F_ _ _ed Up. Acknowledging that the military is almost always, normally messed up. And, I heard how F _ _ _ came to be: when the population was too low, the King declared more babies should be born, so “Fornication Upon Command of the King” sounds reasonable to me. I’m glad Ball to the Wall was about the handles on the instrument panel. Linda in Kansas


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