Things I Like: Gravity (2013 Film)

Gravity 2013 movie poster

I heard the superb praise from critics, and saw how close it was from getting the Oscar for Best Picture. I have to say Gravity is one of the 2013’s best films.

Sandra bullock George Clooney Gravity 2013 movie

The story begins with a team of astronauts doing routine work. They get a notice of moving debris from a Russian satellite, and when it causes a chain reaction of more debris; things get chaotic. Their ship is destroyed and only two astronauts are left when things settle down.

George Clooney Gravity 2013 movie

Things don’t look good for veteran astronaut Matt Kowalski and rookie Ryan Stone. Using a jet-pack Matt saves Ryan from floating helplessly in space. They stay together using a tether, but with limited time they decide to travel to the International Space Station nearby in hopes that they can use something there to get back to Earth.

Sandra Bullock Gravity 2013 movie

While I personally dislike a lot of tragedy in movies, I loved Gravity. While many say this every decade, the special effects look so good that it seems so realistic. The movie moves like a roller-coaster almost, and you never know what will happen next. I can easily see why it was so highly praised.

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