Things I Like: Birdman (2014 Film)

Birdman 2014 movie poster Michael Keaton

Birdman was film that came by surprise to me. I had heard about it late last year, and I didn’t know much about it. I was wondering if it had anything to do with Harvey Birdman, but not so much. Michael Keaton plays a washed-up superhero actor, and this tale actually won the Oscar for Best Picture.

Michael Keaton Birdman 2014 movie

Keaton portrays Riggan Thomson, an actor who’s career has been in trouble for many years. He once played a popular super-hero called Birdman. Now he wants to take on something more serious, a Broadway play. Except for his best-friend, Thomson is making the play almost by himself.

Birdman 2014 movie Micheal Keaton

He finds many struggles while making his play. He has little hope it will be a success at times, and he has to replace an actor who got in an accident. His replacement turns out to be a disaster even though he’s popular with the theater crowd. But the thing that torments him the most is the voice of his Birdman character.

Michael Keaton Edward Norton Birdman 2014 movie

After finishing Birdman, I’m a little surprised it got the Oscar for Best Picture. It’s a great movie, but not as legendary as I had hoped. Some points in the story get quite weird, and unlike a lot of other people I didn’t like the character of Thomson’s daughter Samantha. Edward Norton really impressed me as the actor Mike Shiner. You’ve rarely see a character with so much energy and a strange ego. I thought Michael Keaton was really good as well, I can see why he was confident that he was going to win the Oscar for Best Actor. Even though he lost to Eddie Redmayne.

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  1. I liked this movie too, although its “behind the scenes” portrayals of insecure actors and cut throat theatres was disturbing.


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