Things I Like: Earth to Echo (2014 Film)

Earth to Echo 2014 movie poster

I had heard about Earth to Echo before it came out. I was very optimistic, as it seemed like they were trying to make it as this generation’s version of E.T. though it seems they didn’t try hard enough at it. I have no problems watching movies that are animated or rated G, but this one was a total snoozefest.

Bicycle ride Earth to Echo 2014 movie

The story is about a group of friends who are forced to move. A new freeway is suppose to be built, and their neighborhood is in its way. But before they move, all their cell-phones get weird messages on the screens. They figure it out as a map, and decide to ride their bicycles in the middle of the desert to find it.

Earth to Echo 2014 movie

They find an alien robot in the desert, and go around looking for the parts it needs to be fully operational again. However there will be many challenges in the way. Especially when a mysterious “construction crew” find out what they really have uncovered.

Echo dies Earth to Echo 2014 movie

Earth to Echo was beyond dissapointing, and it couldn’t hold a candle to any classic animated/family movie like E.T. or the Pixar films. I think it’s biggest waste of potential was the lack of depth for the character Echo. Sure he’s adorable, but he’s very forgettable just like the rest of the film. It’s not totally horrendous but (despite being in theaters) it almost feels like a movie made for television.

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