Things I Hate: Dan in Real Life (2007 Film)

 Dan in Real Life 2007 movie poster Steve Carell

Back in 2007, I don’t even remember Dan in Real Life coming out to theaters. While Steve Carell isn’t exactly one of my favorite actors, I have liked him ever since he was on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I had heard about Dan in Real Life recently and figured it might be good.

Steve Carell Dan in Real Life 2007 movie

Carell plays Dan Burns who writes an advice column for a local newspaper. He’s also a widower and father of three girls. The family is suppose to go to Dan’s parent’s house for a family reunion. However Dan’s two oldest daughters either don’t want to go, or complain about his parenting.

Dan in Real Life 2007 movie Steve Carell

After they arrive, Dan goes alone to a local bookstore. There he connects with a woman named Marie, and the two realize how much they like each other. But Marie doesn’t do much more than flirt, as she tells Dan she has a boyfriend. When Dan gets back to the family reunion, he sees Marie as she’s his brother’s girlfriend. But can the two deny their attraction during the several-day stay there?

Dan in Real Life 2007 movie

I thought Dan in Real Life was nothing more than decent. The story is unique I suppose, but I didn’t like how Dan kept acting like a depressive idiot. It also features a lot of boring moments. While it wasn’t a critical failure, I don’t think many people will be remembering this one twenty years from now.

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