Things I Like: Twins (1988 Film)

Twins 1988 movie poster Arnold Schwarzenegger Danny DeVito

I don’t think I ever heard of Twins until recently. It came out the year I was born so I obviously never saw it back then. But the idea of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito playing the roles of two oddly dissimilar twins was too good for me to ignore. Apparently critical opinion wasn’t that great in 1988, but what did I think about it almost 30 years later?

Arnold Schwarzenegger Twins 1988 movie

The story starts explaining the origins of Julius and Vincent Benedict. Their births were part of a scientific experiment where they had multiple genetic fathers. All the dads were to give their son the best thing about them from strength, logic, and compassion. Julius was born as the most perfect human to ever live. He lives somewhat isolated on an island until he learns that he has a twin brother.

Danny DeVito Arnold Schwarzenegger Twins 1988 movie

He travels all the way to meet Vincent, who did not get Julius’ superhuman genetics. Julius learns that their mother died, and Vincent spent his childhood in an orphanage. While Julius is pure-hearted, Vincent is far from it. He isn’t an evil guy, but makes a lot of bad decisions. One of them may get him into so much trouble that only Julius could rescue him.

Danny DeVito Twins 1988 movie

While it wasn’t the greatest comedy I’ve ever seen, I really liked Twins. I thought both Arnold and DeVito played their roles well and the characters worked well together. I also liked the love story between Julius and Marnie Mason. Critics usually pan most comedies but I don’t think fans of either two of the actors would be disappointed.

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