Things I Like: Wedding Crashers (2005 Film)

Wedding Crashers 2005 movie poster Owen Wilson Vince Vaughn

I’ve heard of Wedding Crashers for quite a few years now. I’ve never been the biggest fans of Vince Vaughn or Owen Wilson, mainly because they always seem to be about the same character in every movie they are ever in. But Wedding Crashers was pretty well received by critics and regular folks, so I knew I’d eventually get around to seeing it.

Vince Vaughn Owen Wilson Wedding Crashers 2005 movie

The story is about two friends, John Beckwith and Jeremy Grey. They both work with couples in divorce settlements, however in their free time they like to crash weddings to people they either hardly know or don’t even know at all. Both of them aren’t thinking of getting married, but John’s old friend Chazz Reinhold taught him that it was ridiculously easy to pick up women at weddings. Chazz was right as they usually always complete their mission, even though they aren’t doing very well in the morality department.

Owen Wilson Rachel McAdams Wedding Crashers 2005 movie

However at a wedding, Jeremy falls for a girl named Claire Cleary who may be the only “normal” person in her family. For example, Claire’s sister Gloria Cleary is wild and crazy and she seems to really want John to be her eventual husband, to his horror. However Jeremy can’t do much with Claire as she has a rather psycho boyfriend named Sack Lodge. Jeremy is quite charming and beloved by most of the family, however with all the lies the two have told, will Jeremy even win the hand of Claire?

Will Ferrell Wedding Crashers 2005 movie

Overall I liked Wedding Crashers about as well I as expected. Besides my very mild dislike of the two main stars, I did like most of the rest of the cast. It’s a good comedy but not one of my favorites. It’s got a lot of silly humor but it’s well-done so it’s not comedy just for the toilet bowl. It’s got a lot of good moments, but the laughs do go up and down overall. It’s hard to say if this is going to be a comedy that will endure the decades or not, but we will have to see.

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