Things I Hate: The Starving Games (2013 Film)

The Starving Games 2013 movie poster

I remember awhile back in the early 2000’s when the first Scary Movie first came out. It was a decent parody of Scream and many others in the horror genre. But the sequels that followed weren’t nearly what anyone would call “good” and they were more annoying as time went by. I remember hearing of The Starving Games awhile back. Critics loathed this one and it did really bad in theaters.

Katniss Evershot and Petunia The Starving Games 2013 movie

The plot is mostly based on the first Hunger Games movie and I assume they take nothing from stuff that was only in the books. Pretty much all the characters are renamed but it’s obvious who they are based on. Kantmiss Evershot is this parody’s version of Katniss Everdeen. Instead of sister being Primrose, her sister is named Petunia. Her friend Gale in this one is called Dale. And Peeta is actually spelled right with Peter. Just like the original, her sister gets picked for the Starving Games and Kantmiss eventually takes her place when she volunteers as little girls would never last five minutes in the games.

Katniss Evershot with katana sword The Starving Games 2013 movie

Like the actual Katniss, she’s very badly off when things start. But trial by trial, she becomes one of the last few remaining in the games. But with many against her can she survive the games? Or will she perish and President Snowballs will continue his tyrannical reign unchallenged? She’ll have to fight off not only the other contestants but survive the silly challenges sent by the game-master with the strange beard named Seleca. Regardless of how the Starving Games end, they’ll be plenty of cameos from other media to surprise you.

The Avengers black widow iron man nick fury captain America Thor Hawkeye The Starving Games 2013 movie

The Starving Games might be a tad better than I expected when I first heard about it, but not much better. I actually really liked Maiara Walsh as Kantmiss Evershot, and some of the impersonations are actually pretty spot-on. Comedies are best to watch with friends, and watching this one alone really shows how unfunny the movie really is. It’s not a terribly difficult movie to watch as it can be sometimes “so bad it’s good” so I can’t say I hated it to a point. But with a lack of good jokes and a plot I already knew it’s hard to really recommend that anyone watch it. Unless you’re one of those strange people who think all these parody movies are the funniest things ever. Then I suppose that you’ll love this one too.

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