Things I Like: Happy Feet Two (2011 Film)

Happy Feet Two 2011 movie poster

Watching a sequel to a movie you disliked is typically a bad idea.

Baby penguin Erik Happy Feet Two 2011 movie

The story starts with Mumble’s new son Erik. Like his father, Erik just doesn’t quite fit in. While Mumble has gotten the rest of the Emperor penguins dancing, little Erik just doesn’t do much with his little feet. His father tries to encourage him to practice dancing, but Erik’s peers start to laugh at him. Which causes the cute baby penguin to run away and cry. Erik’s two friends Bodicea and Atticus convince him to follow the Adelie penguin Ramon back to the land of his penguin-brothers as Ramon does not really belong with the Emperor penguins anyways. Erik’s father Mumble has to follow their trail to find his son.

Puffin bird Happy Feet Two 2011 movie

The Adelie penguins have a god-like new ruler named Sven. The other penguins are amazed by Sven as he’s the only penguin who can fly. However Sven is not really a penguin, he’s a puffin bird. Mumble eventually finds Erik with Sven, and the faux-penguin god sides with Mumble when Erik refuses to go back home. However it will be the journey back that will change the life of all the penguins (and several other arctic animals) forever. Will everyone make it safely back home, or will their be tragedy on the way?

Walrus Happy Feet Two 2011 movie

Overall I thought Happy Feet 2 was just a bit worse than its dull predecessor. That being said, I actually have a soft-heart for Sven, as puffins are my favorite birds and I liked his character. But like the original Happy Feet, the sequel relies too much on cute penguins and music than an amazing story. Critics finally got wise and a lot did not like it, and it flopped at the box office causing one of the studios that helped create it to close their doors for good. It’s not horrendous, but lets just say that I hope no idiot manages to make Happy Feet Three.

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