Things I Hate: The Station Agent (2003 Film)

The Station Agent 2003 movie poster

The Station Agent is a movie I didn’t know about until a few months ago. Peter Dinklage wasn’t much of a name back in 2003, but a lot of people know of him now. One of my co-workers mentioned the movie to another co-worker and mentioned he was “the guy from Game of Thrones”. Of course Peter Dinklage plays Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones. The Station Agent wasn’t Peter Dinklage’s first movie (that was Living in Oblivion) but his first major role that gained him a lot of attention. The Station Agent was a big hit when it came out at the Sundance Film Festival which garnered a few awards there. The Station Agent is certainly a Independent Movie which is something I rarely ever see, but was it as good as I heard.

Peter Dinklage The Station Agent 2003 movie

The film’s main character is Finbar “Fin” McBride. Fin is a dwarf and because of his size (and the people who pick on him) he is very anti-social. He has a deep love of trains and works for his friend Henry Styles in a hobby shop that specializes in trains. However one day Henry dies out of the blue which causes the shop to close down. However Henry left Fin a piece of rural property in Newfoundland, New Jersey. It has a tiny “house” that used to be a train depot. So Fin moves there to make the best of things. But people that make fun of dwarfs are in all areas of the country so he tries hard to keep to himself.

The Station Agent 2003 movie Peter Dinklage

Fin is later befriended by two individuals. One is Olivia Harris who almost hits Fin with her car as he walked down the road. The other is Joe Oramas who operates a snack truck right outside Fin’s new home. Olivia Harris is very sympathetic towards Fin. Joe Oramas is very friendly and tries to be Fin’s new best friend and often fails miserably at it. All three of them have their own flaws, but will they find happiness in a community of almost nothing in rural New Jersey?

The Station Agent 2003 movie

I can actually say I was more bored than intrigued by The Station Agent. While the movie shows the pain and angers of being a dwarf “hated” by dumb society, if you seen much of Peter Dinklage’s work (including Tyrion Lannister) then it isn’t a uncommon subject for his characters. While the characters of Joe and Olivia are interesting, I just wasn’t wowed by it. I thought Olivia’s story took rather strange twists, and I also didn’t care for the librarian character Emily. While the movie did awesome with critics (but was absent at the Oscars) I just didn’t dig it. The movie is rather depressing and sappy which don’t engage me much as a viewer. And I thought the point of the film was semi-important at best.

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