Things I Like: Judge Dredd (1995 Film)

 Judge Dredd 1995 movie poster Sylvester Stallone

Judge Dredd is a movie I had no idea existed in the 1990’s but later heard about maybe a decade later. Never really thought about it much until they decided to “remake” the movie in 2012. Even though that was five years ago, I didn’t really seem to be interested until I heard Lena Headey (Game of Throne’s Cersei Lannister) was the main villain of the newer Judge Dredd. I wanted to see the original first which stars Sylvester Stallone, Diane Lane, and Rob Schneider. The reason why there is so much interest in Hollywood to make two Judge Dredd movies was because they were based on comics that originated in the 1970’s. The original movie flopped at the box office in the United States and did okay worldwide. I guess the reason why they decided to try another Judge Dredd movie in 2012 was because of the rise of comic book movies. Was the original movie bad enough to be ignored by many?

Rob Schneider Diane Lane Sylvester Stallone Judge Dredd 1995 movie

Set in a bleak future, Judge Dredd refers to the story’s main hero Joseph Dredd. He is a “judge” who in this time serves as the whole branch of the judicial system. When he was younger he was the finest cadet at the police academy. And in his prime, he is the best judge on the force. However he can be rather cold and lacks many key emotions. Another judge, Barbara Hershey respects and cares for Judge Dredd however she doesn’t back down from criticism him. Especially as he sends a man named Fergee to prison who broke a few rules to save his own life. However a prisoner named Rico escapes and he has a plan of revenge against the man who put him in a cell. That man was Judge Dredd himself, and to make matters worse Rico was a judge once and friends with Dredd as well.

Diane Lane Sylvester Stallone Judge Dredd 1995 movie

However Rico poses as Judge Dredd and commits an act of murder with the intention of leaving evidence. The honorable Judge Dredd is now considerable to be what he’s hunted down for years. Unlike most people, Judge Dredd actually receives a proper trial. However things don’t go so good for Judge Dredd. He must find a way to prove his freedom and before he can do that Rico seeks to ally himself with a corrupt politician to gain power and control over society. While Judge Dredd might be the best cop of the future, he’ll have quite the odds to defy in this battle. Out-numbered and outgunned, Rico may win after-all.

Judge Dredd 1995 movie

To be honest, I didn’t think Judge Dredd was a terrible movie, it’s actually strangely likable. I remember hearing an opinion that the movie couldn’t decide if it was a serious sci-fi movie or a parody of one. Sylvester Stallone doesn’t seem much different than his other hero roles, so there’s nothing special there. Rico could have been a better villain to me. And Rob Schneider is dead weight as his stupid and corny character. I can see why people disliked the movie back in the 1990’s, it’s a joke if this was trying to be the next Star Wars or Blade Runner. However if you watch the movie for what it is, it’s not too bad. Since 2012’s Dredd is suppose to better, I’m certainly not dreading being able to see it.

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