Things I Hate: Power Rangers (2017 Film)

Power Rangers 2017 movie poster

Growing up the 1990’s, I do fondly remember the first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and even saw the movies they based off the show. What a lot of fans don’t know is that the show was actually based on a Japanese show called Super Sentai and most of the costumed fighting scenes were directly from Japan. But at about the time the original cast members left the show, I stopped watching it. I was intrigued by this “remake” movie but still dubious about how good or bad it’d be. I had a few friends my age who thought the movie was good which I was relieved. I know recent revivals like Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are insults to the originals. But this new Power Rangers movie was a hit-or-miss with critics, but what did this original fan think of it?

Zac Efron Power Rangers 2017 movie

The story is a loose “remake” of the original characters of the American version of Power Rangers/Super Sentai. The rangers are still named Jason, Kimberly, Billy, Trini, and Zack but most of them are different from their TV counterparts in looks, ethnicity, and personality. All of them are misfits in a way and the core of the team meets in a detention classroom. The autistic Billy convinces Jason to come with him to an old mine that was suppose to be off-limits to regular people. All of them end up at the mine, and try to escape when trouble looms. However the automobile they’re traveling in is hit by a train, and they all seem to be doomed. However the next morning, they all wake up with no memory of what happened next, but most of them soon realize their strengths are now super-human.

Power Rangers 2017 movie

They eventually meet the mystical (and technically dead) Zordon who used to be a power ranger until his comrade Rita Repulsa betrayed the old Power Rangers team and had them all murdered. Zordon in his last mortal minutes managed to seal Rita away for millions of years. Zordon informs the teenagers that they are the new Power Rangers and Jason is their de-facto leader as the Red Ranger. However Rita is now loose on the Earth, and Zordon tells the Power Rangers that if she gets what she seeks, then all life on Earth is doomed for eternity. They will all have to train and work together to defeat this legendary nemesis.

Becky G Power Rangers 2017 movie

Fan reaction to the movie was for the most part good, however I thought this Power Rangers movie was a big pile of garbage. For one, they don’t even really become Power Rangers until the movie is almost over. All of them are in mindless teen drama, and the characters are poorly written. I was glad to hear that the movie included the so-called first LGBT (technically that’s not true, Wonder Woman for one came before Power Rangers) super-hero in a major film with Trini but you wouldn’t notice it if someone hadn’t pointed it out for you beforehand. It’s also very laughably un-true to the original show, and even the fighting scenes were BORING. The film was considered a minor flop at the box office, so there might not be a sequel and thankfully for good reason.

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