Things I Like: Sing (2016 Film)

Sing 2016 movie poster

Sing is a movie I rather ignored last year. I’m not quite sure why, but it’s actually made by Illumination Entertainment which made the Minion movies, Hop, The Lorax, and The Secret Life of Pets. Sing got pretty good praise from critics, but it was a tough competition for animated movies as it didn’t even get nominated for an Oscar for Best Animated Picture. That being said, I was looking forward to it after we had saw The Secret Life of Pets as the movie poster for Sing actually appears as a cameo in The Secret Life of Pets movie. But I was a little dubious myself, as both Sing and The Secret Life of Pets came out in the same year, and that’s usually spells trouble when it comes to animated movies.

Koala and chameleon Sing 2016 movie

The central character of Sing is a koala named Buster Moon. As a child, Buster Moon saw his first musical and fell in love with the theater. He eventually becomes the owner of the famous theater but he wasn’t very good at managing the place. At this point in his career, almost nobody wants to see shows at his theater. He also becomes a bad businessman as he tries to get out of giving stage-workers proper compensation, doesn’t take care of his power bill, and dodges phone calls and in-person talks from very angry folks. However with his theater at rock bottom, he decides to hold a new contest.

Red pandas Sing 2016 movie

Which is a singing competition, and due to a clerical error by his assistant Miss Crawley, the people that see the flyers thinks the grand prize is far more than it really is. Droves of wannabe-singers wait outside in the side-walk for their chance at stardom. Most of the better singers, are characters who do other things for a living. You have a stay-at-home mom Pig, a teenage gorilla with a low-life father, an arrogant white mouse, a very shy elephant, and many others. However it will be up to Buster Moon to save his theater and he has the world against him.

Sing 2016 movie

Overall Sing was about what I expected, nothing that amazing, but still a very likable film that does appeal to many. It’s more of “smart” animation that won’t scare children, but won’t bore their parents either. The singing and music scenes are actually pretty darn good and they use mostly songs from popular music instead of original songs made just for the film.

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