Things I Like: Scary Movie (2000 Film)

Scary Movie 2000 film poster

It seems like forever ago that the movie came out. It spawned lot of parody movies as I call them. It’s arguably the best of the bunch but that’s honestly not a difficult competition to win as they kept getting worse and worse.

Carmen Electra Scary Movie 2000 film

The main two movies that they make fun of are Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer. Carmen Electra’s scene is pretty much on the spot with Drew Barrymore’s in Scream.

Shannon Elizabeth Anna Faris Scary Movie 2000 film

It doesn’t take long for the teenagers of the high school to realize that there’s a serial killer on the loose.

Shorty Meeks Scary Movie 2000 film

It’s a shame as none of them are smart, at all.

Brenda spoiling Shakespeare in Love Scary Movie 2000 film

I think my favorite kill was when the movie theater audience stabbed her for being outrageously annoying. Yet she somehow makes it back for the sequel.

Ray Wilkins Scary Movie 2000 film

I think one of my favorite jokes in the whole movie is Ray saying he wasn’t gay at the end. Despite all the mountain of evidence suggesting he was definitely into men.

Ghostface Scary Movie 2000 film

When I first saw it, I really wondered who the serial killer really was.

Special officer Doofy Scary Movie 2000 film

I don’t think many would have guessed it was actually Doofy and somehow he was not retarded. Which makes absolutely zero sense.

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