Things I Like: I Tonya (2017 Film)

I Tonya 2017 movie poster Margot Robbie

While it happened for what it seems like forever ago, I do recall when Tonya Harding became a household name. Now many Olympic athletes do, at least for awhile. But while most are famous, Tonya became infamous for her role in the scandal that broke out as she was connected to the guy who smashed the leg of her teammate/rival Nancy Kerrigan. I don’t think there is a true antonym for sportsmanship, but let’s just say, Tonya Harding will never be on a box of Wheaties. Though her story was interesting enough to be made into a movie with Margot Robbie and also made a splash at the Oscars.

I Tonya 2017 movie Margot Robbie

The film is basically a biography of her life from early childhood until her metaphorical crash and burn in the world of Olympic sports and ice-skating compeittions. Just like the historical Tonya Harding, Margot Robbie’s portrayal shows her rough childhood, but her rare chance at the world of figure skating. Though at first, despite her talent, judges downgrade her due to home-made costumes and odd choices for songs. This can enrage the young Tonya Harding into showing off her darker nature.

I Tonya 2017 movie

Somebody more sour than Tonya is her mother, LaVona Golden. She has phsycially hurt her own daughter, but she really doesn’t hold back at talking bad about her verbally to her own face. Another face we get to see is the awkward Jeff Gillooly who goes from a strange goober to her eventual husband with some bad choices of morals.

Margot Robbie I Tonya 2017 movie

Overall like most of the Oscar picks I’ve seen this year, I was rather disappointed by I, Tonya. I knew most of this story already, so there wasn’t much new, and I can kinda of suspect the parts that were not as accurate to history as well. Though Margot Robbie did well as Tonya Harding (though she did lose the Oscar at the Academy Awards), and I can really see why Allison Janney won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.

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  1. I like this movie. Good actors in all the main roles. I think it was Sebastian Stan’s best role (as Jeff Gillooly) since his portrayal of the Winter Soldier. Although now he is even better as Tommy Lee in the miniseries “Pam and Tommy” which I highly recommend if you haven’t already seen it.


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