Fun Fact: Why It’s LGBT and Not GLBT

Fun facts about Lgbtq

While gay men have been inarguably the most vocal and energized faction of the Pride movement, their letter comes after lesbians in LGBT+. Originally it was GLBT but the move was changed to honor lesbians who were the caretakers of gay men dying of AIDS.

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  1. ratmom says:

    I didn’t know that.

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  2. Theresa says:

    I didn’t know that. Thanks for the lesson!

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  3. Lesbians stepped up when no one else would.

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  4. I was one of those women and I had no idea this happened! From 1987 – 1989 I volunteered in San Francisco, caring for PWAs. The number of deaths was horrific, but the way the community came together was amazing and wonderful. I still miss so many of my friends.

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