Things I Hate: Morbius (2022 Film)

Morbius 2022 movie poster Jared Leto Matt Smith

I remember seeing the preview trailer for Morbius a while back. It actually looked promising when I saw the trailer at the theater, but I kind of forgot about the movie. And when it came out for the silver screen, most people thought it was horrible. Then the internet turned it into this meme thing and Sony brought it back in theaters in hopes that meme culture would turn them a profit. It did not, but Netflix had it on their service recently and I decided to see if it really was Morbin time or not.

Michael Morbius Dying blood disease Morbius 2022 movie Jared Leto

The main character is Michael Morbius, who suffers from a blood disease that makes him a handicap man with absolutely no hope.

Michael Morbius meets the bats Morbius 2022 movie Jared Leto

But he spent most of his adult years dedicated to science and finding a cure to make him normal.

Michael Morbius shirtless Morbius 2022 movie Jared Leto

And he’s successful at first. He goes from a guy who needed crutches to a man who looks like he spends way too much time at the gym.

Michael Morbius vampire form Morbius 2022 movie Jared Leto

The downside is that he turns into a vampire and has to survive on human blood. And he isn’t always in control of his vampire self.

Matt Smith as Milo Morbius 2022 movie

The main villain of the movie is Milo, who is played by Matt Smith. I’m currently enjoying Matt Smith playing Daemon Targaryen on HBO’s House of the Dragon TV series. Matt Smith and Jared Leto are very talented actors but both of them fall flat here. Total waste of potential.

Jared Leto Morbius 2022 movie

Because honestly, the movie is just so unneeded, very generic, and just a plain bad idea for Sony trying to cash in on their Spider-Man license. I remember the character Morbius in the Spider-Man cartoon and he works as a minor character. He does not work as the main superhero that exists in a universe where only Eddie Brock/Venom is his possible buddy. If Sony somehow makes a sequel to this, they are out of their minds. They would have been far better off to make a silly stupid movie based on the memes than take a serious move at making a film about Morbius again. We all got Morbed.

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