Things I Like: The Boys (TV Series) Season 1

The Boys Season 1 Amazon Prime Video A-Train poster

The Boys have been out for quite some time on Amazon Prime Video. If I recall right, I think they’re still working on a fourth season and they’ve built quite the fan base online. I didn’t realize that it was based on the comic book series until shortly after starting the season.

Dominique McElligott as Queen Maeve The Boys Season 1 Amazon Prime Video

The Boys is a big twist on the world of traditional comic book superheroes. In this world, the big supet team is known as The Seven. But most of its members are corrupt at best and murderers at worst.

Jack Quaid as Hughie Campbell The Boys Season 1 Amazon Prime Video

For example a young man named Hughie Campbell literally sees his girlfriend Robin torn to bits by a fast-moving superhero named A-Train. While it was an accident, he barely gets an apology for such a reckless move on A-Train’s part.

Karl Urban as Billy Butcher The Boys Season 1 Amazon Prime Video

Not long afterward, Hughie meets Billy Butcher , a “normal” man that absolutely despises Supes, a common nickname for superheroes. He convinces Hughie to kidnap one of The Seven and soon enough they get too deep and can never go back.

Antony Starr as Homelander The Boys Season 1 Amazon Prime Video

The leader of The Seven is Homelander, who appears to the public as a hero that is as honorable as a boy scout but with the same powers of Superman. But deep down, he’s not a very good human being.

Erin Moriarty as Annie January Starlight The Boys Season 1 Amazon Prime Video

Then we have Starlight who is the newest member of The Seven. Unlike her co-workers, she actually wants to make a difference and be what she acts like. But she will soon learn that her team is much darker than expected. And one of the members has a request that was pretty horrid. And ironically, this moment is actually much worse in the comics.

Chace Crawford as The Deep The Boys Season 1 Amazon Prime Video

To be honest The Boys is a pretty good series, but it’s not a program that’s super easy to binge. It’s often emotionally crazy and doesn’t hold back on violence and gore. The Boys’ dark humor and story do make an entertaining television show.


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  1. Yes, “The Boys” has been on my “to watch” list since it started, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet! I love its premise of hypocritical superheroes — it nicely subverts the genre.


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