Things I Like: Hades (Once Upon a Time)

Probably the last of the really good villians on the show, this incarnation was heavily inspired by the Disney Hercules movie. He’s the god and king of the underworld. And not many can challenge his power. He even gets the upper hand on Rumplestiltskin. I found it odd he fell for Zelena, instead of justContinue reading “Things I Like: Hades (Once Upon a Time)”

Things I Like: The Simpsons (Season 11)

While not really the series’ prime, 11 overall was better than ten. It had one of my favorite Treehouse of Horror Halloween specials. Homer bowling a perfect game. I also liked when he was a food critic. Or when he fought against PBS. I liked when Bart realized MLB was evil. And I liked theContinue reading “Things I Like: The Simpsons (Season 11)”

Things I Like: The Simpsons (Season 10)

While far from the best in the series, I still think season 10 has lots of good moments. Such as when Homer Simpson met Ron Howard and Alec Baldwin. Or when Homer didn’t know what Le Grille meant. Who could forget Max Power? The Treehouse of Horror Halloween special was pretty good too. I alsoContinue reading “Things I Like: The Simpsons (Season 10)”

Things I Like: The Simpsons (Season 9)

While I still liked it then and now, this is certainly the first season to see a change in direction and a big dip in comedic quality. Many cite The Principal and the Pauper as a “jumping the shark” for the show. While a fascinating twist, it was rather dumb. The Treehouse of Horror HalloweenContinue reading “Things I Like: The Simpsons (Season 9)”