Tom & Jerry (2021 Film) Review

Tom and Jerry were two cartoon characters that I didn’t watch very much when I was little. I often tried to avoid the show when it would air because I would often find it boring. But I recognize their impact on the history of cartoons and decided to give this new movie a try. ItContinue reading “Tom & Jerry (2021 Film) Review”

Batman & Mr. Freeze: Subzero (1998 Film) Review

As a kid, I missed out on the Batman animated series from the 1990s. I suppose I was watching something else as a kid, so I missed out on little movies like these. I found this one on HBO Max and decided to watch it. The movie isn’t super original as it’s a pretty standardContinue reading “Batman & Mr. Freeze: Subzero (1998 Film) Review”

Mulan (2020 Film) Review

I wouldn’t say Mulan is my favorite Disney movie ever, but I did like it a lot. Disney decided to remake it last year, not without controversy though. Its star decided to voice support for Communist China using police brutality against protesters in Hong Kong. I was not going to see the film in theatersContinue reading “Mulan (2020 Film) Review”