Robin Hood (2018 Film) Review

Robin Hood is one of the most classic tales in the world, especially one set in England. Like the King Arthur stories, Robin Hood has many adaptions, more than most could remember off the top of their head anyway. Robin Hood’s 2018 incarnation didn’t do too well with critics, which its studio blamed for itsContinue reading “Robin Hood (2018 Film) Review”

The Princess Bride (1987 Film) Review

I had heard of The Princess Bride for many years, but I didn’t know more than a little about it. Many movies are about princesses, so I often ignore them. But then I noticed Robin Wright was in it, and so was Cary Elwes who I fondly remember as Robin Hood in Mel Brooks’ RobinContinue reading “The Princess Bride (1987 Film) Review”

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991 Film) Review

I think everyone has heard of at least one tale of Robin Hood. I don’t think I ever saw Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves in the 1990’s. I had heard of it some years back but I couldn’t remember if this was the one everyone really liked or everyone really hated. Either way I wasContinue reading “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991 Film) Review”

Tomb Raider (2018 Film) Review

In 1996, Tomb Raider made waves in popular culture as it impressed gamers greatly on Sega Saturn, PS1, and PCs. One of the biggest draws to the game was its lead, Lara Croft. While she her 32-bit look won’t impress many today, many gamers fell in love with her back then. This led for AngelinaContinue reading “Tomb Raider (2018 Film) Review”

Ocean’s 8 (2018 Film) Review

Quite a number of years ago, I watched Ocean’s Eleven with George Clooney and Brad Pitt. I liked it, but it was not among my favorite films ever, or even for that year either. It had some sequels but I didn’t care enough to watch them. Last year’s Ocean’s 8 caught my eye, mainly becauseContinue reading “Ocean’s 8 (2018 Film) Review”