Things I Hate: Malekith (MCU)

Malekith is a dark elf who is the main bad guy in Thor: The Dark World. While the movie doesn’t make it super clear to most people, but he’s older than even Odin as he fought the first King of Asgard. He returns to collect the Aether which was stuck inside Jane Foster. The humanContinue reading “Things I Hate: Malekith (MCU)”

Things I Like: Aldrich Killian (MCU)

A twist bad guy in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we kind of ignore his importance for the most part at the start. He appears in a flash back way before Tony Stark became Iron Man. He’s a dorky scientist who tries to get Tony Stark to let him do something big for him. Tony appearsContinue reading “Things I Like: Aldrich Killian (MCU)”

Things I Like: Peggy Carter (MCU)

One of the most beautiful and badass women in the MCU, I think it’s difficult for many not to love Peggy Carter. The British soldier is more-or-less an American soldier in practice as you see her helping the Americans all the time. She is the first to notice Steve Rogers. And helps Steve in hisContinue reading “Things I Like: Peggy Carter (MCU)”

Things I Like: Phil Coulson (MCU)

One of the few characters in the MCU to originate in the movies instead of the Marvel comics, he first appears to confront Tony Stark and Pepper Potts over the events of what happened to Tony in the Middle East. He also meets Thor who Shield Agent Coulson at first thinks is some kind ofContinue reading “Things I Like: Phil Coulson (MCU)”

Things I Like: Darkest Hour (2017 Film)

I think I first heard of Darkest Hour when the Oscar nominations were announced. When the Oscars gave out the Academy Awards, Gary Oldman won the Oscar for Best Actor for his role of Winston Churchill in the film. Now when I think of actors who look like Winston Churchill, Gary Oldman doesn’t’ come toContinue reading “Things I Like: Darkest Hour (2017 Film)”