Video Game History: Batman: Return of the Joker

Batman: The Return of the Joker (known as The Revenge of the Joker on the Sega Genesis) was one of the first major video games staring Gotham’s greatest hero in the early 90’s. It came out after many video games based on the 1989 film Batman, but this one was instead based on the originalContinue reading “Video Game History: Batman: Return of the Joker”

Video Game History: Batman (NES)

While Batman has had a few video games before this on computer platforms, many remember the NES game as the Dark Knight’s first digital adventure. This one was not surprisingly based on the 1989 movie and came out less than year after the film’s release. Since it was based on the movie, there were plentyContinue reading “Video Game History: Batman (NES)”

Video Game History: Batman (1986)

While many comic and movie franchises were trying out the whole “video game” craze in the 70’s and early 80’s, it would be until 1986 that the Dark Knight himself got his own virtual adventure. While many would’ve guessed Batman on NES as his first adventure, instead another title also named Batman first graced digitalContinue reading “Video Game History: Batman (1986)”

Batman: Arkham Asylum (Xbox 360) Review

So I’ve been enjoying this one for quite some time now. Forget any Batman game you ever played, because they’re raw sewage in comparison to Arkham Asylum. Batman and company are re-imagined in a darker tone than some of the past Batman games, films, or cartoons. Kinda how like how Batman Begins, and especially TheContinue reading “Batman: Arkham Asylum (Xbox 360) Review”

Things I Like: POW Block (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

First appearing in Smash 4, the POW Block returns in Ultimate. Its game of origin is the original Mario Bros. arcade game where you use the block to flip the enemies upside down so you can defeat them. In Smash Bros., its effect is similar. It can be either thrown or hit, and all theContinue reading “Things I Like: POW Block (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)”