Things I Like: Yoshi’s Island DS (Nintendo DS)

This was a really surprise sequel Nintendo came up with. Yoshi’s Story was a failure and a joke of a game. This however wasn’t bad at all. Unlike Yoshi’s Story, this is more like the original game on SNES. Except that Yoshi can also work with other Baby characters such as Donkey Kong or Peach.Continue reading “Things I Like: Yoshi’s Island DS (Nintendo DS)”

Ice Hockey (NES) Review

NES sports games are pretty terrible by today’s standards, but I’ve heard really good things about Ice Hockey. It has basically what every other hockey game had done during the NES and SNES eras. I like how it was released before the fall of Communism, it’s funny to see a Soviet Union team in here.Continue reading “Ice Hockey (NES) Review”

Wolfenstein 3D (SNES version) Review

Before Doom, there was Wolfenstein 3D. It was a “Doom Clone” before there was a Doom to speak of. It’s bascially the same game as Doom, just replace Demons with Nazis. With all the controversy that surrounded Doom back in the day, why did no Congressmen or Senators ever speak of Wolfenstein 3D? Shooting demonsContinue reading “Wolfenstein 3D (SNES version) Review”

Tetris Attack (SNES) Review

I’ve heard of the Puzzle League series for awhile now, but never got a chance to play them. Decided to try the SNES classic which was marketed as Tetris Attack to take success of the Tetris name. The game was originally known as Panel de Pon, but I guess Americans wouldn’t buy this girly stuff.Continue reading “Tetris Attack (SNES) Review”