Things I Like: Golden Hammer (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

Golden Hammer super Smash Bros ultimate Nintendo Switch

While I thought this item was never needed in the series, I do like using it. While many would think this is an original upgrade of the standard hammer by the Smash universe, it actually originated in Wrecking Crew for NES, which was part of the Mario series.

Princess Zelda using Golden Hammer super Smash Bros ultimate Nintendo Switch

It’s not much different from the regular hammer except a slightly faster reach. But like the regular hammer, every now and then there is one that will be useless as one is a squeaky hammer. Then you’re a sitting duck.

Princess Peach hit by Golden Hammer super Smash Bros ultimate Nintendo Switch

But when the hammer is the real deal, anybody you hit won’t last for much longer unless they got some good evading skills.

Storks (2016 Film) Review

Storks 2016 movie poster

Not long ago, I watched Smallfoot which was by Warner Bros’s 3D animation studios which only did the Lego movies, and Storks. I missed Storks a few years back, but I was curious about it. Warner isn’t up to Pixar yet, but I rather interested to see if their 2nd film under this rather new studio team was any good.

Jasper Storks 2016 movie

The movie is an obvious parody of the storks delivering babies myth parents tell their children. In the plot, storks had delivered babies to new parents for eons. But one day, a stork named Jasper tries to keep a baby named Tulip for himself, and destroys her beacon to find her “true parents”. Tulip is raised by the storks, as they stop the baby thing and instead just fly packages of stuff to people.

Tulip Storks 2016 movie

Tulip is the only non-bird at the stork workplace. She makes some allies out of some of the birds that don’t really know how to fly. She crosses paths with Junior, who was sent to fire her in an act of “liberation”. Instead a new baby in almost twenty years is created, and Junior has to figure out how to get the baby to the parents before his boss finds out.

Storks 2016 movie

The baby was created by a wish from Nate Gardner, a young lad with parents who work far too much and have almost no time to raise their young son. Without any siblings, he wants a baby brother with “ninja skills” to make him happy. While it started as a simple wish, Nate becomes obsessed that the storks will defy the impossible and get him the baby brother he wanted.

Jasper and Tulip Storks 2016 movie

Overall I thought Storks was a cute and good movie. It’s not quite up to par with Pixar, but I liked it better than Smallfoot. I actually planned on watching in halves due to having to work early the next day, but I ended up not being able to stop watching, which is rather impressive for me. I don’t do that often for many things. Warner would be smarter to come up with movie ideas that aren’t terribly generic, because they really could rival Pixar and Dreamworks with more creativity behind their back.

Score: B

Fun Fact: Franco-Prussian War

Franco-Prussian War

The Franco-Prussian War happened between 1870-1871. It was fought between France and most states of modern day Germany, led by the Kingdom of Prussia. The war saw a huge change for both countries. All German states united as the German Empire. The French Empire became a Republic with the loss of Napoleon III. It also helped ignite hatred between the two groups of people.

Things I Like: Yoshi’s Story Stage (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

Yoshi's Story Stage super Smash Bros ultimate Nintendo Switch

Another Melee stage to make a final return in Ultimate, this one is based on the Yoshi’s Story game on N64, but very vaguely. It’s more just a clone of the small battlefield stage set up.

Mario punches Zero Suit Samus Yoshi's Story Stage super Smash Bros ultimate Nintendo Switch

Which is quite familiar, so you’d know what to expect for most of the stage.

Cloud on a cloud Yoshi's Story Stage super Smash Bros ultimate Nintendo Switch

The only real differences are these clouds that serve as a fast moving platform.

Isabelle grabbing inkling with fishing rod Yoshi's Story Stage super Smash Bros ultimate Nintendo Switch

While far from my favorite stage, it’s a decent one.