Myrtle Beach SkyWheel

Giant Ferris wheel myrtle beach South Carolina sky wheel

We saw this giant Ferris wheel at Myrtle Beach on our last day right before we left to go home. We wanted to actually ride the ride as it’s fully enclosed so you don’t have to worry about wind and cold weather. But they took off all the glass containers because this is not the busy season and I guess they didn’t want vandals to break the glass.

Mad Myrtle’s Old Fashioned Ice Creamery (Myrtle Beach)

Mad myrtles old-fashioned ice creamery Myrtle Beach South Carolina

Since we couldn’t get ice cream at the restaurant we were at due to short staff, we walked a bit further down and found Mad Myrtle’s Old Fashioned Ice Creamery.

Mad myrtles old-fashioned ice creamery ice cream flavors Myrtle Beach South Carolina

It’s a pretty small ice cream place, but they do have a good number of flavors to choose from.

Super cow ice cream flavor mad myrtles  Old fashion ice  Creamery Myrtle Beach South Carolina

I had two scoops of the super cow flavor.

Mad myrtles old-fashioned ice cream Marie hot fudge sundae Myrtle Beach South Carolina

It’s definitely not the best ice cream in the world, but it is delicious. You definitely can’t go wrong here unless you’re lactose intolerant and I’m not sure if they carry sherbet or not. I can’t remember.

Mr. Fries (Myrtle Beach)

Mr. fries restaurant Myrtle Beach South Carolina

For lunch on the last day in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina we hopped into Mr. Fries. It wasn’t our first choice as the restaurant we wanted to go to was closed.

Mr. fries restaurant Myrtle Beach french fries and chicken

It’s a very simple restaurant. Burgers, chicken, french fries and very few other things on the menu.

Mr. fries restaurant Myrtle Beach dragons breath candy

They did have plenty of desserts though. Including that interesting candy, dragon’s breath.

Mr. fries restaurant Myrtle Beach Hershey‘s ice cream

They also had Hershey‘s ice cream.

Mr. fries restaurant Myrtle Beach homemade gelato South Carolina

And homemade gelato which we wanted to get. However, only one guy was working the whole place and he was already backed up with two cooking orders so we unfortunately had to skip the gelato and find ice cream somewhere else.

The Gay Dolphin (Myrtle Beach)

The gay dolphin gift shop Myrtle Beach south carolina

One of the things I’ve heard about Myrtle Beach many years ago was the Gay Dolphin. I knew it was some kind of store, but I didn’t know much else besides that and it’s very funny name.

It’s apparently South Carolina’s largest gift shop. It might actually be true because it has multiple floors.

Some of its collections of things to buy are cheap and dumb. But they do have plenty of good stuff as well.

I will say the aisles are a bit crowded, which isn’t good in this day where you need to social distance.

They definitely have anything you would want that has to do with sharks.

I know my grandmother would love this Elvis Presley statue.

I found these Egyptian statues neat. If I had to get one for myself for some strange reason, I would probably opt for the god versus the pharaoh.

I thought these hedgehogs were really cute.

Be sure not to miss this fountain when you’re there.

It’s definitely very neat.

I actually didn’t buy anything while there, but it is an impressive gift shop. It reminds me of a store called Three Bears in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.