Batman (1966 Film) Review

Batman 1966 movie poster

Even though the TV series came out over 20 years before I was born, I do remember watching the re-runs on TV as a kid. It may of been the first adaptation of Batman I’ve ever seen. I don’t think I saw the 1966 film as a kid, and thus the only major film based on the Dark Knight I hadn’t seen before. So I had to give it a watch, even if was for a laugh or two.

Batman 1966 movie

For those who don’t know about Adam West’s version of Batman is that the whole universe is goofy and non-serious. For example, in this version of Gotham City, Batman and Robin work side by side with the police and are public heroes revered by all. The movie starts off with the dynamic duo search for a missing yacht which vanishes after Batman spots it at sea.

Catwoman Batman 1966 movie

The find out that the Commodore of the yacht has been taken prisoner by not only Joker, but Catwoman, Riddler, and Penguin. Then they try various schemes to either defeat Batman or take over the world. One includes an attempt to capture millionaire Bruce Wayne to be bait in order to lure Batman into a trap.

Boat fight Batman 1966 movie

The one thing you must realize is this is not anything like the recent Batman films, or even the Batman films in the 90’s. Its goofy humor, nonsensical plot, and memorable characters are not for everybody. Fans of the TV series will dig it, but I doubt the newer generations of Batman fans will like it. Overall I enjoyed it, but it doesn’t hold a candle to either Tim Burton’s or Christoper Nolan’s Batman films.

Batman: Under the Red Hood (2010 Film) Review

Batman: Under the Red Hood movie poster

Lately I’ve been watching a lot of things based on Batman. I’ve known about Batman: Under the Red Hood for a little while but never picked it up. Never heard of the villain before, but it’s actually one of the most interesting stories based on the comics.

Jason Todd death Batman: Under the Red Hood movie

The film starts with a flashback based on the comic storyline “A death in the family”. Which shows the Joker versus the 2nd Robin, Jason Todd. The Joker ends up with the upper-hand and leaves before Batman gets there. As soon as Batman arrives, the building bursts into flames and Jason is dead.

Nightwing Dick Grayson Batman: Under the Red Hood movie

Then it forwards to many years later where the Joker is already locked up in Arkham Asylum. Batman then encounters a new anti-hero on the scene who calls himself the Red Hood. He puts complete control on the dark side of Gotham to seek his ultimate plan. But when Batman realizes the two are connected, the Dark Knight stops at nothing to set things right.

Red Hood vs Joker Batman: Under the Red Hood movie

While the animated films are usually good, they’re rarely great. And I really think this one really takes the cake. That may be because that it’s based on two excellent comic book story-lines, but I loved every minute of it. It could even rival the Christopher Nolan and Tim Burton films.

Video Game History: Batman (NES)

Batman NES Boxart

While Batman has had a few video games before this on computer platforms, many remember the NES game as the Dark Knight’s first digital adventure. This one was not surprisingly based on the 1989 movie and came out less than year after the film’s release.

Batman vs Joker Batman NES

Since it was based on the movie, there were plenty of impressive (for NES anyway) cut-scenes featuring key moments of the movie and some just for the game.

Batman NES video game

Except the plot of the game is shortened to Batman just trying to reach the Joker. Doing so he must go through chemical plants, caverns, and even a cathedral to meet the insane clown. I guess a lot of the areas weren’t in the movie but were you expecting a dating mini-game with an 8-bit Vicki Vale?

Boss battle Batman NES

I guess you could say the game was Batman meets Ninja Gaiden. You could wall jump in addition to using batgear like the batarang. Fans usually have a very positive opinion of Batman for NES, but I don’t think it’s aged too well. I played a little awhile back, and it couldn’t keep my interest for long.

Things I Like: Batman Begins (2005 Film)

Batman Begins movie poster

While I thought it was the weakest in the trilogy, I did think it was much better than most of the other Batman films that predated it. I liked how Christopher Nolan didn’t mimic Batman, he recreated it.

Christian Bale Batman Begins movie

Like Bruce Wayne’s back-story where he’s searching for his true cause. He eventually gets trained to be a psuedo-ninja, but I hear those guys hate hippies.

Katie Holmes Batman Begins movie

I also liked Katie Holmes as Rachel Dawes. It’s a shame that the boyfriend-girlfriend thing didn’t last for them.

Liam Neeson Batman Begins movie

And forget Scarecrow, he was lame. Ra’s al Ghul (who ironically is not a well-known Batman villain) was the real antagonist. I love how they pull the surprise on Bruce during his birthday party. Their final fight was also pretty sweet.

Batman lets Ra's al Ghul die Batman Begins movie

It could have been better, but two far superior films succeed it. So it’s all good.

Video Game History: Batman (1986)

Batman 1986 video game boxart

While many comic and movie franchises were trying out the whole “video game” craze in the 70’s and early 80’s, it would be until 1986 that the Dark Knight himself got his own virtual adventure. While many would’ve guessed Batman on NES as his first adventure, instead another title also named Batman first graced digital media via the computer market on the Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum, and the MSX platforms.

Batman 1986 video game

The game featured isometric game-play as Batman wondered the Batcave searching for pieces of Bat-hovercraft to rescue Robin with.While the game featured rather crummy graphics by today’s standards, it was one of the first games where a player could restart at a check-point rather than going all the way back to the start.

Batman 1986 computer game

While most franchise’s first video game adaptations are often disappointing, it was apparently very well received at the time. But due to the nature of the platforms it released on, most gamers never heard of it. Don’t expect this title to be dug out of the Batcave and released anytime soon. I don’t think I’d give it a try unless they priced it fairly, or if they gave it a proper remake.