Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012 Film) Review

I remember hearing about Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter in the winter of 2011. I thought the concept was genius, and learned it was based on a book of the same name from 2010. I had wanted to see it last year, but waited after hearing some negative opinions. The films starts out with Abe whenContinue reading “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012 Film) Review”

Lincoln (2012 Film) Review

A friend told me that Steven Spielberg was coming out with a film based on President Abraham Lincoln. How can you say “no” to that? The film is not about Abraham Lincoln’s whole life, or even his whole presidency. Rather it focuses on roughly the last 4 months of his life. The American Civil WarContinue reading “Lincoln (2012 Film) Review”

Fun Fact: The Original Idea For The Lincoln Memorial

While the Lincoln Memorial is one of the most popular monuments in the United States, it might have been quite different if history had taken a different turn. A shrine for Lincoln was in the talks shortly after the Civil War was over, but the idea of a Greek-like monument did feel wrong to some.Continue reading “Fun Fact: The Original Idea For The Lincoln Memorial”