Things I Hate: The Ridiculous 6 (2015 Film)

While Netflix is well-known for their original shows, they haven’t really done much with original movies. Which I can understand to be honest, but they’ve cranked out more of them than I expected. I had heard of The Ridiculous 6 last year and I heard it was pretty bad. Adam Sandler movies usually get prettyContinue reading “Things I Hate: The Ridiculous 6 (2015 Film)”

Things I Like: Click (2006 Film)

I do remember when Click came out in 2006. But for some reason I just never saw it. Adam Sandler movies seem to get worse with time. However the concept of the movie is pretty interesting. It’s about a guy who gets a remote that controls time and space. I think most people want aContinue reading “Things I Like: Click (2006 Film)”

Things I Like: The Wedding Singer (1998 Film)

When I was little, movies with Adam Sandler were some of my favorites like Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore. But I realized the more I get older, the less I find Adam Sandler funny. I actually remember when The Wedding Singer was new, but for some reason I just never saw it until many yearsContinue reading “Things I Like: The Wedding Singer (1998 Film)”

Things I Like: The Waterboy (1998 Film)

While it wasn’t as good as Billy Madison or Happy Gilmore, I thought this was a pretty good Adam Sandler movie. It was cheesy, stupid, and crude, but I found it very entertaining. I think one of the reasons is because his character is such a charming goober. I just love the football scenes whereContinue reading “Things I Like: The Waterboy (1998 Film)”

Things I Hate: Going Overboard (1989 Film)

I rented this movie about twenty years ago. I was a big fan of Adam Sandler movies at the time, and I couldn’t believe I’ve never heard of it. One of the reasons was because it was before his fame on Saturday Night Live, and the other is because it’s trash. The movie is kindaContinue reading “Things I Hate: Going Overboard (1989 Film)”