Things I Like: The Social Network (2010 Film)

Whether you love it or hate it, Facebook is big. The site dethroned Myspace with ease and has become a site where even your grandma has a page, and that every business wants you to “like” them. I knew Facebook had a bit of an interesting history in its making, but I didn’t think thereContinue reading “Things I Like: The Social Network (2010 Film)”

Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021 Film) Review

Spider-Man has been my favorite superhero since I was a little boy. I’ve watched all of the movies and most of the other media featuring our favorite wall crawler. Far From Home ended so epically that fans had so many theories about what was going to happen. And when the trailer came out, most kindContinue reading “Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021 Film) Review”

Things I Like: Peter Parker/Spider-Man (The Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2)

Out of the three actors who have been Spider-Man in major films, Andrew Garfield was my least favorite. But I still liked him and I think he did a good job. His origin story is the same blah-blah-blah as you’d expect. As Spider-Man, he certainly was more comical than Tobey Maguire’s version, but in aContinue reading “Things I Like: Peter Parker/Spider-Man (The Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2)”

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014 Film) Review

Spider-Man is one of the most well-known and one of my favorite super-heroes ever. Even though it’s predecessor had a rather lame villain (The Lizard), I still thought it was a remarkably well-done. I had heard that another not-so-great Spider-Man villain (Electro) would be the new bad guy in this one. I initially hated theContinue reading “The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014 Film) Review”

The Amazing Spider-Man (2012 Film) Review

While I was big fan of the original Spider-Man films, I almost felt like The Amazing Spider-Man came too soon until I realized Spider-Man 3 came out five years ago in 2007. While I didn’t see it in theaters (due to other superhero movies I wanted to see more) but I finally had the chanceContinue reading “The Amazing Spider-Man (2012 Film) Review”