Things I Like: Animal Crossing: New Leaf (Nintendo 3DS)

I was a huge fan of the original Animal Crossing on Gamecube. I remember seeing it for the first time as a Japanese-only N64 game called Animal Forest. They gave it a chance in America, and it did very well. I was a bit disappointed in Animal Crossing: Wild World so I ignored the WiiContinue reading “Things I Like: Animal Crossing: New Leaf (Nintendo 3DS)”

Things I Like: Pitfall (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

The pitfall item has been in the series since Brawl. It comes from Animal Crossing. In the Animal Crossing games it’s a joke item. You bury it in the ground and if someone walks over it they get stuck for a moment. In Smash Bros. it’s a throwing item. And it’s pretty easy to missContinue reading “Things I Like: Pitfall (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)”

Things I Like: Smashville Stage (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

Smashville has been in the series since Brawl, and I’ve liked it mildly since then. It’s based on the Animal Crossing series, and since Brawl came out before City Folk, the stage still is based more on Wild World than any other game in the series, obviously. Like Animal Crossing, the stage changes depending onContinue reading “Things I Like: Smashville Stage (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)”

Things I Like: Beehive (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

While not new to the series, as it was new in Smash 4, I like the beehive item a lot. It comes from the Animal Crossing games. If you shake a tree, every now and then, a beehive will fall. Attacking the villager and messing up his/her face for some time. It’s a throwing itemContinue reading “Things I Like: Beehive (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)”

Things I Like: Villager (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

While I was happy to see Animal Crossing’s Villager make it into Smash 4, Villager wasn’t my favorite in the last game. And that holds true for Ultimate, but I do like the fighter. There’s no violence in the Animal Crossing games, but I will say, Nintendo did pretty well coming up with moves forContinue reading “Things I Like: Villager (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)”