Video Game History: Dragon Ball Z: Sagas

From middle school to high school, Dragon Ball Z was one my favorite shows to watch after school. One of the earliest games was Dragon Ball Z: Sagas for PS2, Xbox, and Gamecube. Unlike the Budokai games, it wasn’t a fighting game. Instead it was more an adventure game where you could freely move your…

Fun Fact: When Atari Censored Paperboy

There was an attempt by its designers for the title character in Paperboy to say “Hi Dad!” to a very drunk character. The bigwigs at Atari heard about it and got it removed from the game.

Fun Fact: Why The Atari 7800 Failed

The Atari 7800 was designed to fix some of the problems of its predecessor. It also was trying to prevent another video game Crash like what happened with the Atari 2600. The console ultimately failed when Atari let another company design the device and they had a license dispute.

Video Game History: Pong Before Pong

While many people believe Pong is the original video game, they’re way off. Even though Atari gained great fame with Pong, they weren’t the first, and they certainly weren’t the first company to craft a virtual table tennis match. A blockier version was part of one of the many Magnavox Odyssey’s games. Except its title…

Centipede (PS1) Review

I’ve never really played the game in the arcades, or ever to be a matter of fact. Like I said, the PS1 game is based on the classic arcade game. It even includes a copy of the original, just incase you want to play that. A neat little extra, though it is a bit expected….