Centipede (PS1) Review

Centipede PS1 boxart Atari

I’ve never really played the game in the arcades, or ever to be a matter of fact.

Centipede PS1 arcade original

Like I said, the PS1 game is based on the classic arcade game. It even includes a copy of the original, just incase you want to play that. A neat little extra, though it is a bit expected. If not just plain mandatory to include. I put some time into it, and it’s not half bad, but it does get boring quick.

Centipede PS1

Which I guess is fair to say about the PS1 version as well. It remakes the game with 3D graphics, new modes, a few new gameplay features, etc. The point of all the levels is to beat wave after wave of centipedes until you reach the end of the stage.

Centipede PS1 Atari

Which is a bit boring to do the same mindless chore again and again. Combine that with stiff controls, and muddy graphics, and you got yourself a pathetic excuse for a game. Hardcore Centipede fans might be interested, however most gamers wouldn’t give this a second look.

Score: 3 out of 10

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