Hyde Park on Hudson (2012 Film) Review

I don’t exactly recall how I stumbled upon Hyde Park on Hudson, but I was intrigued as the movie featured President Franklin Roosevelt and the British monarch King George VI. FDR was one of my favorite presidents and I enjoyed The King’s Speech film which told the story about George VI’s struggles as a monarch.Continue reading “Hyde Park on Hudson (2012 Film) Review”

Kingpin (1996 Film) Review

There are two famous comedies based on bowling. The first is The Big Lebowski, and while I really liked the movie, it wasn’t really about bowling. The other is Kingpin, which I haven’t seen until now. Kingpin is much more about bowling, but is it funny? The story begins with a young bowler named RoyContinue reading “Kingpin (1996 Film) Review”

A Very Murray Christmas (2015 Film) Review

I had heard of A Very Murray Christmas just recently as it’s one of the newest Netflix-original movies. Even though he’s in his mid-60’s now, I think many people still remember Bill Murray from decades ago like it was yesterday. I wasn’t quite sure if I was going to like this or not, as IContinue reading “A Very Murray Christmas (2015 Film) Review”