Fun Fact: Is Street Fighter’s Blanka Human?

Many fans debated on the species Blanka belonged to in Street Fighter. He is in fact a Brazilian human who was mutated by electric eels somehow and grew up in a jungle of Brazil.

Fun Fact: Why Chun-Li Is So Important To Video Games

While technically not the first female character to be playable in a fighting game as there were obscure and simple fighting games before Street Fighter 2, Chun-Li was the first major female fighting game character. For that, she is dubbed the First Lady of fighting games.

Fun Fact: When Mike Tyson Changed Street Fighter Forever

The character Balrog in Street Fighter is actually called M. Bison in Japan. The obvious Mike Tyson parody made Capcom switch names to avoid a lawsuit. Balrog is Vega’s Japanese name and M. Bison is named Vega in the Land of the Rising Sun.