Things I Like: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (PS1)

I wasn’t too big of a fan of the classic Castlevania games. They’re good, but I never thought they were great. Symphony of the Night was what they called a “Metroidvania” because it played a lot like Super Metroid on SNES. I actually played most of the GBA Castlevanias before finding Symphony of the NightContinue reading “Things I Like: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (PS1)”

Video Game History: Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge

While Castlevania was a big hit on NES, it also had some notable games on Gameboy that were a bit overlooked. The 2nd title for Gameboy was Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge which is the sequel to Castlevania: The Adventure. The game is set 15 years after Christopher Belmont defeats Dracula. However the old Count comesContinue reading “Video Game History: Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge”

Video Game History: Castlevania: The Adventure (Gameboy)

In 1989, Konami had great success with two Castlevanias on NES and with another soon on the way. But they also produced an original Castlevania set in a different time than Simon Belmont. In-fact, it’s a prequel game set 115 years before the original. It was pretty much the same deal as the original gameContinue reading “Video Game History: Castlevania: The Adventure (Gameboy)”