Fun Fact: Puritans Being No Friend To Ireland

While the story of the first Thanksgiving describes the people on the Mayflower ship looking a new place for religious freedom, they ironically didn’t practice much tolerance themselves. One of the senior leaders, Edward Winslow returned to England to serve in government when the Puritan Oliver Cromwell abolished the monarchy. Cromwell was no friend toContinue reading “Fun Fact: Puritans Being No Friend To Ireland”

Fun Fact: Heretic John Oldcastle

John Oldcastle was a pre-Protestant Christian in England who led the Lollard movement in England which sought to reform the Christian church in the country. He was a friend of King Henry IV, and avoided the charges of heresy for many years. He was in open rebellion during the reign of his friend’s son KingContinue reading “Fun Fact: Heretic John Oldcastle”

Fun Fact: When the Catholic Church Had Two Popes

In 1378, the Catholic church saw a great divide that lasted until 1417. Instead of a debate over the Bible or God in general, the split was more based on power. For a number of years, the Pope lived in Avignon, France. When the next Pope moved back to Rome, there was a huge worryContinue reading “Fun Fact: When the Catholic Church Had Two Popes”

Fun Fact: The Tragedy of Dirk Willems

Dirk Willems was a Dutch anabaptist in the 16th century. He was imprisoned by the Catholic church but he escaped his confinement by running on an icy pond. One of the prison guards chased after him, and he fell in the frozen water. Willems turned back to save him, but he was recaptured because ofContinue reading “Fun Fact: The Tragedy of Dirk Willems”