Fun Fact: King Ferdinand’s Muslim Mistress

When King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella ousted the Muslims from Spain, Ferdinand kept Muhammad XII’s daughter Aixa as one of his many lovers. She did convert to Catholicism and they had a son who became a knight.

(Not So) Fun Fact: The Banning of Scottish Gaelic

Scottish Gaelic was shoved to the side by the House of Stuart in favor of English over the years. King James VI (I of England) of Scotland made English way more important as Gaelic was closely associated with Catholicism. After the Jacobite rebellion, Scottish Gaelic nearly became extinct.

Fun Fact: Cardinal Wolsey’s Unofficial Marriage

King Henry VIII’s trusted man Cardinal Thomas Wolsey was in a “non canonical” marriage and he had children with his de facto wife. The celibacy of English Catholic priests were not taken seriously at the time.

Things I Like: Thomas More (The Tudors)

A flawed man in history and in the show, but overall I liked Sir Thomas More. At the start of the series, the two are good friends, but King Henry VIII slowly drifts away from his buddy in the realm of politics and religion. The super-Catholic Thomas More can sense how Protestants may take over…

Things I Like: Cardinal Wolsey (The Tudors)

Flawed morally as he was, I did like Cardinal Thomas Wolsey on The Tudors. The 2nd highest ranking Catholic, Wolsey was pretty much King Henry VIII’s right-hand man on many issues of state. Unlike many Catholics, Wolsey was deeply loyal to the King and ignored many of his faults. But part of that stemmed from…