Darwin’s Darkest Hour (2009 Film) Review

As many of you know, I have a fairly large interest in science and history. I had come across National Geographic’s (and Nova’s) movie about most of Charles Darwin’s scientific career. The Darkest Hour refers to the time in his life where he meets two great struggles. The first is potentially wasting his life’s workContinue reading “Darwin’s Darkest Hour (2009 Film) Review”

Fun Fact: Butler Act

In 1928, a Tennessee politician named John Butler came up with a law that was passed by the state legislature that forbade any public teacher (from grade school to university) from teaching evolution and denying Biblical creation. A teacher was arrested and his trial (known as the Scopes Trial) turned into a large debate betweenContinue reading “Fun Fact: Butler Act”

Fun Fact: Harriet Darwin

Charles Darwin’s visit to the Galapagos Islands contributed greatly to him discovering evolution by natural selection. The islands are also well known for its giant tortoises, and Charles Darwin apparently had a few as pets. One of them was apparently called Harriet, and she lived to the age of 175. She passed away in 2006Continue reading “Fun Fact: Harriet Darwin”