Fun Fact: Harriet Darwin

Charles Darwin’s visit to the Galapagos Islands contributed greatly to him discovering evolution by natural selection. The islands are also well known for its giant tortoises, and Charles Darwin apparently had a few as pets. One of them was apparently called Harriet, and she lived to the age of 175. She passed away in 2006Continue reading “Fun Fact: Harriet Darwin”

Fun Fact: Darwin’s Bulldog

While Charles Darwin had quite the opposition with the theory of evolution, a supporter named Thomas Henry Huxley was so well known for his advocacy that he was nicknamed “Darwin’s Bulldog”. In 1860 he debated Church of England bishop (and talented public speaker) Samuel Wilberforce at Oxford. Wilberforce mocked him and asked Huxley if heContinue reading “Fun Fact: Darwin’s Bulldog”

Fun Fact: Darwin’s Moth

Charles Darwin once inspected an particular type of orchid from Madagascar which had a certain problem. Nobody could really figure out what kind of insect could pollinate the flower due to its unique shape. Darwin suspected it was some kind of moth with a lengthy string-like mouth. The Morgan’s sphinx moth was discovered about 21Continue reading “Fun Fact: Darwin’s Moth”